Auckland Weddingmoon - Day Three

Auckland Weddingmoon Celebration

Romantic Wine Tour for Two

You are about to enjoy a romantic day out that has been tailor made just for the two of you.  With a fully flexiable iteniary you will have the time to savour each wine throughout this full day tour.

With you private driver and transport you will be taken to three to four cellar door tastings and have an option to the many dinning experiences along the way. 

This is truly an amazing excursion with the georgeous countryside rolling by as you move from one winery to the next, with many options which can be added to your journey, such as a hot air ballon ride at dawn, before the winery tour. 

Wine Tour for Two

Helicopter Tour at Sunset

helicopter at sunset

Saying that Auckland from the air is lovely is an understatement. As the sun begins its descent, the view becomes even more astonishing. Lifting off from the heliport will make you gasp, as the city lights wink into view, and the long shadows and rich colours of the late afternoon show why Auckland is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The flight tracks across the Harbour Bridge towards Auckland City and over its surrounding suburbs. At night or in the late afternoon, the mood of the city is quite different. At sunset the landscape softens, while at night familiar landmarks such as volcanic cones disappear altogether and in their place the lights and buildings of the city combine to create a surreal panorama.