DAY Five - Twelve

Honeymoon, honeymoon, honeymoon!


Continental Breakfast then Honeymoon Departure 

Brunch in Bed


Honeymoon departure day is here!

Weddingmoon Vacations will deliver, straight to your hotel room, fresh and yummy-licious homemade hot scones with preserves and cream, as well as fresh seasonal fruit, honey and breads along with breakfast items that are tailored to your taste, and fresh brewed coffee and tea for you.

We know you will enjoy this peaceful and relaxing start to the honeymoon to come.


Start your Honeymoon

After breakfast you will head to the airport, where you will jet off to the destination you have chosen for your honeymoon, Stewart Island or Queenstown. 

Wherever you have decided to go we know it will be enjoyable and exciting. 

Click below for more information on each location.