The Sugar Club


Choose a number of small dishes from the menu – rather like a mini degustation, but one you create yourself. Peter has designed the menu to encourage you to order, and taste, a wider range of flavours and ingredients than you might otherwise experience in one meal. He recommends that you select three or four small savoury dishes and, to round off your meal. a delicious dessert.

Small plates

Roast Pumpkin and Tomato Soup 
pumpkin seed oil, sage, black garlic, cumin bread sticks 
Coconut Laksa 
green tea noodles, smoked kahawai, salmon caviar, fish dumpling 
Kumara Miso Tortellini
pickled beetroot, toasted karengo, mustard fruits 
Spiny Crayfish and Otago Saffron Linguine
pinenuts, aged parmigiano reggiano 
Seared Pacific Tuna
prawn consommé, apple ‘sponge’, cucumber, nam jim dressing, 
coriander, quinoa 
Juniper Cured Venison
golden beetroot, apples, goji berries, hazelnuts, sherry vinegar jelly 
Grilled Whangamata Scallops
cauliflower, macadamia shrimp sambal 
Ibari Pocket Tempura 
dahl, ginger roast pumpkin, green beans, minted quince yoghurt 
Wild Paua
8-hour slow cooked, smoked mash, creamed paua on toast, capers

Day-Boat Fish 
clams, coconut, tofu, ginger carrots, kale, aromatic curry paste 
Crispy Pork Belly
solomon’s gold and pepita mole, tamarillo, tamarind caramel, 
Merino Silere Alpine Lamb Rack 
puffed rice, almonds, chickpea potato curry 
Pekin Duck 
chilli jam, squid dumplings, cashews, mango, bok choy, 
lemongrass coconut dressing 
Beef Pesto 
Peter Gordon’s Sugar Club classic, circa 1987 


Mixed Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion 
Beans, Macadamia Nuts, Mustard Dressing 
Watermelon, Feta, Basil, Lemon Oil, 
Pumpkin Seeds 
Kumara Miso Mash 
Duck Fat Roasties



Biscuits And Chocolates 

New Zealand Cheeses 
oatcakes, walnut bread – fig whiskey chutney, celery, 
poached tamarillo, blackcurrant jelly 
Mochi Matcha Lychee 
vanilla semifreddo, mandarin, grapefruit, black doris plum, cassava 
Dark Chocolate And Caramel Gateaux 
cocoa bubbles, orange sorbet, burnt orange powder, candied 
Snow Beauty Baba 
nigori sake, caramelised winter nelis, passionfruit, 
opaline, vanilla mascarpone 
Kaffir Lime Custard Tart 
candied quince, pineapple, coconut 
Feijoa Cheesecake 
feijoa sorbet, shortbread, meringues, blackberry compote, apple 
Sorbet Terrine And Ice Cream Selection 
seasonal fruits, cointreau orange tuile