Ulva Island Bird Sanctuary 

After a nice sleep in and breakfast, you can spend the afternoon taking in the calm and serene setting of Ulva Island, New Zealand's southern most bird sanctuary.

After a seven minute water taxi, there is a four hour guided tour, with your knowledgeable guide, where you will encounter many types of bird life, some so friendly that they will be too close for a photo shoot.

Take your time walking the islands tracks at a leisurely and gentle pace, frequently stopping to learn about the flora and fauna and watch the bird life. Take a packed afternoon tea along with you, so you can stop and enjoy a snack, while surrounded by birdsong and primordial forest.

This is a must-do tour for everyone that visits Stewart Island since there is an extremely good chance that you will encounter actual Kiwis in their native habitat - a truly memorable experience. Take it from us who have been there to enjoy the amazing surroundings and wildlife encounters.