THE perfect dinner stewart island

Blue Cod Fresh Catch of the Day



Sample Menu

Delicious and zingy Carrot-Orange-Coconut Soup

Cheese Platter Perfect Dinner

Fresh and crispy salad of mesclun lettuces, rocket, fruit and garnish, with Mediterranean style honey-herbs-mustard dressing and roasted nuts

Stunning Stewart Island Blue Cod, pan-fried en nature, with a gourmet-style Kumara-Potato-Puree, roasted Macadamia nuts, and home-made Aioli Dips (at the side)

"Penguin" Apple Cake* with Mascarpone Cream and Caramel Sauce - Italian raffinesse!

Dessert Dinner

*The "Penguin" Apple cake definitely has no penguin in it! It gets its name from The Perfect Dinners fundraising efforts for the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust "I bake for Penguins"