Enjoy the Romance of Rakiura

By following this walkthrough, you will see a day-by-day example of the exciting activities that you as a couple will experience during your wedding and honeymoon that is on the isolated and beautiful Stewart Island. Take time to browse and get a feel for how your adventure, courtesy of Weddingmoon Vacations, will be exceptionally sensational and evoke the most poignant memories of your special moment in history. 


To view the details for your itinerary, just click on the blue links (Day One, Day Two, etc.) below:

Stewart Island Weddingmoon Celebration

Day One

Welcome to New Zealand – Your romantic adventure is about to begin in a romantic and idyllic setting.

Time to Freshen up – You will be transported to your accomodation from the depot where you can freshen up before heading off to explore the area.

Welcome dinner – Your hosts from Weddingmoon Vacations will treat to a beautiful dinner as you watch the sunset on the harbour. 

Stewart Island Weddingmoon Celebration

Day Two

Morning Fishing Trip – Get ready for a once in a life time experience, with an early morning fishing trip aboard the Lo-Loma. 

Afternoon Bus and Walking Tour – Explore Oban and the surrounding bays in the modern mini buses, with an experienced guide. 

Twilight Kayak of Paterson Inlet – What a way to end your evening, with a twilight kayak of Paterson Inlet. You will be able to fully immerse yourself in nature when you slide into your kayak, hosted by Phil's Sea Kayak's of Stewart Island. 


Stewart Island Weddingmoon Celebration

Day Three:

(Optional Alternative to the Auckland Wedding)

Champagne Breakfast - Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast, before making yourselves gorgeous for one another.

THE WEDDING CEREMONY - (Optional Alternative to the Auckland Wedding)

Reception and Party Time! - You are now a MARRIED couple! WhooHoo! Now it is time to let the world know!

Stewart Island Weddingmoon Celebration

Day Four

Continental Breakfast à la Tiwha's Love Collection - Weddingmoon Vacations will deliver, straight to your hotel room, fresh and yummy-licious homemade hot scones with preserves and cream, as well as fresh seasonal fruit, honey and breads along with breakfast items that are tailored to your taste, and fresh brewed coffee and tea for you.

An afternoon on Ulva Island - After a nice sleep in and breakfast, you will spend the afternoon taking in the calm and serene setting of Ulva Island.

Stewart Island Weddingmoon Celebration

Day Five - Eight


Farewell - Day Nine

Four nights of Romance in Rakiura- Sit and watch the sunset, soak in the hot tub, take a underwater boat tour, explore the beaches, discover the short walking tracks, or for the more adventurous take a dive with the sharks.




Fly Away Home - Now It is time to board your plane to fly back to whence you came and share your story of your adventures with your family and friends.