The "Passion" Weddingmoon (Las Vegas)

Continental Breakfast à la Tiwha's Love Collection

Weddingmoon Vacations will deliver, straight to your hotel room, fresh and yummy-licious homemade hot scones with preserves and cream, as well as fresh seasonal fruit, honey and breads along with breakfast items that are tailored to your taste, and fresh brewed coffee and tea for you.

We know you will enjoy this peaceful and relaxing start to the honeymoon to come.

*Special Note: This is NOT food from the hotel or some catering shop from down the street. This is homemade. I spent half of my youth growing up in various countries throughout Europe as an US Air Force Brat and back then, a continental breakfast was a CONTINENTAL BREAKFAST! I remember long rows of stinky cheeses in Aviano Italy and thick wooden tables swaying under the weight of German sausages and meats in Wiesbaden. Local seasonal fruits from the countryside, and the air filled with heady notes of aromatic freshly baked bread.

As I learned it, the idea was to give the weary traveler a taste of what the surrounding region had to offer. This meal was a "Hello, this is our country, these are our people, and this is what we do better than anyone else in the world". It was wrapped up with a bright ribbon of "Why yes, this year's harvest was bountiful, just like last year and the year before, but that's only because the land is so rich and fertile here". This was washed down with generous draughts of "Please, please eat more, you're too skinny, take some with you for later down the road"!

Now, you must understand, I'm not a "Foodie", it's Corinna, my wife who watches "Master Chef" and has had magazine articles written in praise of her recipes. She has worked hard and has established relationships with world class chefs in the Auckland region and beyond in order to ensure that your time here will be a culinary tour d'force. She's done an exemplary job of it.

I, on the other hand, am an old school computer geek. I play MMO and RTS computer games, (not consoles, but COMPUTER games), chess and Dungeons & Dragons. I'll match my knowledge of science fiction, fantasy and comic literature against the nerdiest of nerds. Yet I asked her to make sure that I have this one meal.

Why? Because after recent trips in America and Australia, I've been shocked to find that some hotels are putting sorry looking apples, brown bananas, cold cereal and stale toast on a silver platter and calling it a "complimentary continental breakfast".


I say nay!

You come all the way to my neck of the woods and by golly, I'll be damned if you leave without knowing the warmth and camaraderie of at least one REAL continental breakfast! Plan to take a serious bite out of New Zealand, because, fresh from the neighboring farms, my friends and I are gonna HOOK YOU UP BABY!

This is a personal promise from me to you.

Leron H. Gittens-Arnold,
Owner and Co-Founder of

An afternoon on Ulva Island

After a nice sleep in and breakfast, you will spend the afternoon taking in the calm and serene setting of Ulva Island, New Zealand's southern most bird sanctuary. After a seven minute watertaxi ride, you will on a four hour guided tour, with your knowledgeable guide Furhanna, from Ruggedy Range Wilderness Experience, you will encounter many types of bird life, some so friendly that they will be too close for a photo shoot. You will walk the islands tracks at a leisurely and gentle pace, frequently stopping to learn about the flora and fauna and watch the bird life. Take a packed afternoon tea along with you, so you can stop and enjoy a snack, while surrounded by birdsong and primordial forest. This is a must do tour for everyone that visits Stewart Island. 

World Famous Stewart Island Quiz Night

Nothing completes a Sunday night quite like taking part in the Stewart Island quiz night, which takes place at the South Seas Hotel and Bar, the islands only pub. So after dinner in the restaurant you can amble over to the bar and take a pew, ready to have a night filled with brain sweat, frivolity and fun. 

Quiz night has been running every Sunday night since May 2006 with the quiz mistress Vicki taking charge of the night. Vicki runs a tight ship and has been known to tape up peoples mouths if they speak out of turn, all in jest of course.  There is a warning at the beginning about language and being offended, so take note at the beginning of what is written on the top of the quiz sheet. The teams are made up of no more than six people and there is a bar tab up for grabs for the winners, but it is more about the bragging rights. 

A great way to end a wonderful day.