What are the prices? Can others come with us?

Of course family and friends are welcomed! 

To determine your total cost for a Weddingmoon Vacations event, please contact us.

The economic variables involved in worldwide air travel from various ports of egress around the globe precludes our ability to establish a single amount which would be fair for everyone, from everywhere. Therefore, we ask that you contact us so that we can provide a quote that is tailored for you on your special occasion. 

Based upon your preferences, we will give you a figure which will include round trip air travel (for the couple and/or wedding party) from your choice of international airports to Auckland, New Zealand. Be assured that the hotels and resorts that we select for you will each have received the highest Qualmark rating (the New Zealand world standard). We will, of course, also provide transportation for you and any guests from your hotel to the various restaurants and events in Auckland via executive conveyance. 

Skype: tiwha923
Email: love@weddingmoonvacations.com

(Weddingmoon Vacations reserves the right to exceed your expectations!)

Money Back Guarantee 

If at any point, and / or, for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you may demand a full refund of all monies unspent. With your help, we pledge our utmost endeavours to resolve any aberrant issues swiftly and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned.