Are you concerned about appearing to be exploiting the LBGT community?

No, that's not our intention.

A couple of us were sitting around waiting for an early planning session to start with a television set playing in the background. There was a guy on The Queen Latifa Show from Shark Tank. He said, "If you want to be successful in business, you need to identify a problem and then provide a solution". 

This quote encapsulates our business model.


Unfortunately, there are still a LOT of places on Earth where people practice Bronze Age thinking, resulting in the LBGT community being denied the same social, (and thereby human), rights as everyone else. This has created a market in the form of a solution to the inexcusable problem that is the lack of worldwide marriage equality. 

Problem + Solution = Business Opportunity 

Consider this an homage to the spirit of the Freedom Riders of the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement. Where others sow petty hate, Studio Taniwha proudly steps up with official acceptance and celebration of the legality of true love for everyone on the global stage.