About Us

Leron and Corinna Gittens-Arnold

"Landsinn" was founded by Leron and Corinna Gittens-Arnold in May 2001 and grew out of the late web design and portal firm, "Zalca". Our office was nestled in the heart of New Zealand's southern most primordial forest and wildlife preserve, Stewart Island.

We have since returned to Auckland and with the implementation of the Marriage Amendment Act in August of 2013, we decided to harness our knowledge of New Zealand and our contacts in the hospitality industry and created Studio Taniwha.

The two of us have chosen to focus on the LBGTI community, because we believe that marriage is not about gender, but about the celebration of LOVE!

What are the prices? Can others come with us?

Of course family and friends are welcomed! 

To determine your total cost for a Weddingmoon Vacations event, please contact us.

The economic variables involved in worldwide air travel from various ports of egress around the globe precludes our ability to establish a single amount which would be fair for everyone, from everywhere. Therefore, we ask that you contact us so that we can provide a quote that is tailored for you on your special occasion. 

Based upon your preferences, we will give you a figure which will include round trip air travel (for the couple and/or wedding party) from your choice of international airports to Auckland, New Zealand. Be assured that the hotels and resorts that we select for you will each have received the highest Qualmark rating (the New Zealand world standard). We will, of course, also provide transportation for you and any guests from your hotel to the various restaurants and events in Auckland via executive conveyance. 

Skype: tiwha923
Email: love@weddingmoonvacations.com

(Weddingmoon Vacations reserves the right to exceed your expectations!)

Money Back Guarantee 

If at any point, and / or, for whatever reason, you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you may demand a full refund of all monies unspent. With your help, we pledge our utmost endeavours to resolve any aberrant issues swiftly and to the mutual satisfaction of all parties concerned.

What about Kiwis? Can we have a wedding and honeymoon too?

Yes, of course Kiwis are welcomed!


The Weddingmoon Vacations wedding and honeymoon is designed for ALL couples, near and far who desire a non-religious ceremony and holiday in New Zealand. Currently, The sizes we can accommodate range from an intimate affair, involving only the couple getting married, to groups of people, and/or wedding parties as large as the future Weddingmoon Vacations First World Record "Wedding and Honeymoon Extravaganza" which is planned for 600 couples.

Is travel to and from New Zealand included in the amount?


The economic variables involved in worldwide air travel from various ports of egress around the globe precludes our ability to establish a single amount which would be fair for everyone from everywhere. Therefore, we ask that you contact us so that we can provide a quote that is tailored for you.

What is the weather like? What about languages?

What sort of weather should we expect?

New Zealand has a moderate climate, and all temperatures are shown in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.  Being in the Southern Hemisphere of the world, our seasons are opposite to those in the Northern, so if you arrive in New Zealand in December, do not expect to have snow surrounding you, but rather think of enjoying long evenings on the beach. 
It is advisable to bring a waterproof jacket and clothing for all weather, as the weather can be changeable throughout the day. 

What languages are spoken in New Zealand?

New Zealand has two official languages, English and Te Reo Maori. If you don't speak Maori, don't worry, just stick to English and communication will be as easy as Do Re Mi. 

What about clothing? Any restrictions, requirements, or recommendations?

Clothing styles and fashions are what you find in any English speaking western country. Kiwis are pretty laid back and have a relaxed, live and let live attitude. There are no social or cultural dress code conventions such as head coverings, (i.e. the full Burqa, Chador, or Hijab), nor is there denial of the same.

  • We recommend the following apparel:
  • Your wedding attire
  • Any special cosplay, or roleplay outfits, erotica, or other additional costumes you may wish for your boudoir/glamour photo shoot
  • Cold Weather gear
  • Wet Weather gear
  • Any special sporting equipment required for the activities agreed upon for your particular wedding and honeymoon

Who is your target market?

Our market is any couple who choose to have a non-religious wedding, (this includes renewing their vows), and have their honeymoon here in New Zealand, (Aotearoa). 

Of particular interest to us is the LGBT community.

The bad news is that there is a market comprised of those who have the misfortune of living in an area of the planet that deny LGBT individuals their human rights - especially the right to equable marriage. The good news is that this sort of mentally blighted hinterland is shrinking rapidly. 

In the mean time, if you're not living in the sort of place that's evolved enough to appreciate both the humane and the socio-economic benefits of treating ALL people like people, (i.e. with dignity and respect), then please accept our sincere condolences. We also wish to add our fervent desire for a swift reversal of these particular primitive and pernicious attitudes. At Weddingmoon Vacations, we would be both proud and honored to officiate your marriage, and be there as you and your spouse start a new beginning, in a beautiful place, world renown for treating everyone as "mate"(friend).

Are you concerned about appearing to be exploiting the LBGT community?

No, that's not our intention.

A couple of us were sitting around waiting for an early planning session to start with a television set playing in the background. There was a guy on The Queen Latifa Show from Shark Tank. He said, "If you want to be successful in business, you need to identify a problem and then provide a solution". 

This quote encapsulates our business model.


Unfortunately, there are still a LOT of places on Earth where people practice Bronze Age thinking, resulting in the LBGT community being denied the same social, (and thereby human), rights as everyone else. This has created a market in the form of a solution to the inexcusable problem that is the lack of worldwide marriage equality. 

Problem + Solution = Business Opportunity 

Consider this an homage to the spirit of the Freedom Riders of the 1960s American Civil Rights Movement. Where others sow petty hate, Studio Taniwha proudly steps up with official acceptance and celebration of the legality of true love for everyone on the global stage.